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ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute

ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute

Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon is a public university created in 1972. In 2010, a new organizational structure was implemented which resulted in the composition of the following decentralized organic units: 4 Schools, 16 Departments and 8 Research Units.
The Iscte campus is located in the center of Lisbon. It integrates four buildings (about 45 000 m2), one of which won a Valmor prize, the highest Portuguese prize in architecture. Access to the campus is free and open to all citizens.
The teaching and research areas of Iscte are organized into four schools: School of Social Sciences (ECSH); School of Sociology and Public Policies (ESPP); Iscte Business School (IBS); School of Technology and Architecture (ISTA).
With over ten thousand students in undergraduate (44%) and graduate (56%) programs, 390 teachers, 390 full researchers, and 270 non-teaching staff, Iscte prides itself on being one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country. With strong demand, Iscte has always filled all available positions and has a high rate of employability of its graduates, reaching, in most areas, results close to 100%.


ISCTE-IUL, Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa